Our new Club House and Museum is due to open early December 2019.

All our volunteers are flat out with construction of our new Clubhouse at 45 Princess Highway, Lake Tabourie. The model railway layouts are well under construction and work on our new museum dioramas is well underway. Below are Gallery examples of some of our model railway layouts. Click an image to view in larger image size.

New Museum Dioramas depicting early rail and tramways of the Ulladulla region:

As the dioramas are quite large it has been necessary to ‘stitch images’ together, thus large panorama views may have a little distortion. Hopefully you can appreciate the expert modelling techniques used when viewing the individual scene images. These are beautiful model renditions of times gone bye.

1. Lake Conjola to Bendalong Timber Tramway

A logging operation that saw the horse drawn timber tramway transport logs from the deeper water at Chinamans Island across a bridge to Boat Harbour lumber mill at Bendalong. Once processed it would be shipped to Sydney.

Conjola-Bendalong tramway
Conjola-Bendalong timber tramway


2. Pattimores Lagoon to Bannisters Head Silica Railway

Constructed to support the mining of silica from Pattimores Lagoon and rail transport over 8 klms across Narrawallee inlet to the wharf for shipping silica to Newcastle and Port Kembla to make high temperature refractory bricks for steel works.. The diorama covers 2 large floor sections, thus 2 panorama images were needed. (NB: – with the display bending around corners….it was a photographic challenge!).

3. Flat Rock Timber Mill & Railway

Originally established 1918 by A&E Ellis and operated until the great depression. Sawn timber was taken from the Flat Rock mill to Termeil by horse hauled road jinkers.  At Termeil the timber was transhipped onto tramline trolleys and then hauled by horses to the Bawley Point jetty for shipment out in the coastal traders. A unique aspect of the timber tramway was a winch system on a truck pulling logs on a trolley up a very steep hill. The logs were milled at Flat Rock lumber mill then taken to Termeil by horse hauled road jinkers and in turn, via horse drawn tram-line trolley to Bawley Point followed by shipping to Sydney by coastal traders.

Flat Rock incline Timber tramway
Flat Rock incline Timber tramway

HO Guage railway & modelling

N-Gauge Railway & Modelling